Monday is an easy-to-use, comprehensive app for project management, operations, forecasting sales, and complying with government regulations such as FAR 52.215-4(a)(2), which requires contractors to maintain records of their cost or pricing data until the completion of a contract if awarded.

We’ve found it to be the most economical and all-in-one solution for small teams in the federal government contracting space. Hands down, it’s the most intuitive and informative day-to-day construction management software we’ve tried. Mostly because it’s completely customizable and comes with plenty of built-in templates and integrations to allow it to work seamlessly with your existing tools.

Here are some benefits, in more detail, that we’ve found advantageous in the federal contracting space when managing our data to tracking projects:


1.  Forecasting Sales Function

The forecasting sales function is a powerful tool for government contractors, giving them an edge over their competition by allowing them to plan and forecast ahead of time.  Manage your project pipeline and achieve more accurate forecasts with visualizations that are easily read at a glance. There are some pretty amazing reporting functions, including dashboards, that will allow access to multiple boards in one view. The paid version offers more flexibility in using dashboards than the free version.


2.  Contract Management also has a powerful contract management system that helps contractors maintain compliance on their federal projects and subcontracts. With this handy project management tool, contractors can easily customize pre-loaded templates to manage all their records in one place and not worry about which files they need to save or where the information is stored.

The contract management tool allows companies access to data from any device with an internet connection and allows them to work offline if necessary, as well as easily share and collaborate with their pink team.


3.  Team Communication

Monday also includes a team communication function that benefits government contractors and businesses of all sizes. You can create groups and assign tasks to your colleagues and files, messages, or documents related to the task in one place, leading to greater efficiency when working together on projects. Messages are searchable, so you don’t have to waste time scrolling through your inbox.

Offering a secure environment, Monday has the power to be your all-inclusive go-to platform for all business functions and collaborative needs. Whether internal or external conversations, you’re protected, so communication can be done without fear of security breaches or lost data.


4.  Customer Management

Monday also has a customer contact management function perfect for government contractors looking to streamline their business operations and better manage customers and prospects. Track unique agency characteristics and preferences. Custom automation can be sent up to perform actions when triggers occur so your team has a seamless and customized process.

It includes individual records and all the associated data, so you can easily see which contacts have been assigned to specific tasks or projects in your company. This allows companies to track everything from customer information to contact details and notes about the company they are conducting business with and unique company data relevant to the whole organization.


5. Increase Productivity Remotely



After the past 4+ years of using this platform, we’ve come to find that it’s now the only tool we need to manage our internal processes and workflows, as well as our clients. The recently added custom integration ability, preloaded templates, and productivity features are such powerful tools that help government contractors simplify their day-to-day operations, streamline processes, store their data, and save hours of meeting time with easy-to-use chat functions and customizable CRM integration, called “Emails & Activities.”

To give it a go and see if it will work for you, simply click here to start your free trial! You’ll have access to all of their features in minutes or less, and your first 30 days are included. There is even a free-forever version, though it doesn’t include the formula column feature, which as a federal contractor, you’ll appreciate. I know we sure do!

If you have questions or would like for us to show you our own GovCon strategy management boards, feel free to click here to request a demo.