– Use design software.

– Send in PDF format.

– Strategically format.

– Have a one-page and a two-page (agency dependent).

– Have an aesthetic design.

– Use your company’s branding.

– Use a z-pattern flow.

– Give your reader a reason to scroll.

– Include your contract vehicles (if applicable)

– Use logos for verified set-asides.

– Use simple icons for visual learners, sparingly.

– Show data/ graphs when possible.

– Focus on solutions.

– Include your industry codes.

– Spell check!



– Bother with Word, unless for content.

– Send in Word format.

– Have more than two pages.

– Use large, overbearing images.

– Make it content-heavy.

– Use irrelevant imagery.

– Use sales “fluff”.

– Get lazy on differentiating.

– Make claims that everyone else can make.

– Misrepresent.

– Use set-aside logos if you’re only self-certified.

– Let the words “CaPaBiLiTy StAtEmEnT” take up prime real estate on your design. It’s pretty obvious what this document is, after all.


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