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We’ve been using for years. Why? It makes government contracting processes, automated reporting, and team collaboration a whole lot easier. With, you can centralize all your workflows—marketing, outreach, sales, research, and pipeline—in a single app. It’s the only work OS you’ll ever need.

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What is is an online platform that can help organizations manage their workflows and automate repetitive, tedious tasks.

You get to design a one-of-a-kind interface tailored to your unique business management needs. Feel disconnected from team members? Struggling to organize government data? provides solutions for these problems and more.

You don’t have to email back and forth anymore. lets your team access everything in one place. Use your company’s custom interface to share dashboards, spreadsheets, reports and more. Centralizing all your tools and resources will foster collaboration and maximize productivity.

Why sign up for with us?

When you sign up for with us, you're not just getting a powerful work operating system – you're gaining access to a world of benefits:

Expert Insights
Our team of seasoned professionals and Certified Masters bring you years of experience in government contracting and implementation. Learn from the best.

Save Time and Money
Signing up with us won’t affect your pricing, but our goal is to help you streamline your processes, government contracting, and other things. Cut through red tape, avoid costly mistakes, and watch your efficiency soar.

Highly-Skilled Team
Our diverse and experienced team of certified partners is in the trenches daily, developing solutions within the platform. Whether you are manufacturing, supplying/ shipping, or service-based, let us help you capture back your time.

Team Training (Coming Soon)
We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Join our monthly training sessions to master’s potential, tailored to your needs.

As Certified Masters, we assist our clients with new and existing account development, including procurement operations, project management, lead generation, pipeline development, integration with outside applications, time-saving automation, and more! 

Whether you are interested in consultation or full-scale implementation of solutions – Get in touch today to discuss your needs. 

Streamline Your Workflow with Product Options

Monday offers an array of add-on products built on top of the legacy OS framework. These add-ons come with additional features and benefits to streamline your business processes:

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Why use for GovCon?


Filter Government Data Faster

With’s search filters, your team can find the stats they need in seconds. Filter by date, agency, status and other categories. Then, compile that data into reports you can share with the whole team. No need to constantly send emails to team members. can store and organize data for you. The platform’s data systems help your team save time and focus on what really matters—converting leads into clients.

With, your team can:

  • Filter government data
  • Create and share data reports
  • Boost outreach efforts
  • Build your projection model


Track Capture Efforts with Leads lets your team know exactly where they stand with every lead. Track the team’s progress as they establish strong relationships with prime vendors and government agencies. The platform can also provide a high-level overview of your outreach efforts through a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard. streamlines the outreach process so you get a better idea of where you’re at and what needs to happen to accomplish the company’s goals. can help you:

  • Build relationships with prospective clients
  • Monitor the company’s BD efforts
  • Share status reports with the team
  • Manage projects and marketing campaigns


Store Everything in One Place

Think of all the apps you use to run your business. Email, spreadsheets, online chat—it’s a lot to keep track of. When your team starts using, it’ll quickly become the only app you need. Your team can use the platform to run every aspect of your government contracting business. Plus, you can customize the interface with additional apps and integrations so that all the tools you need are in one convenient location.

Your team can use to:

  • Collaborate on projects
  • Manage tasks and to-do lists
  • Schedule client emails
  • Edit and share documents

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We’re passionate about this partnership. We want you to experience the power has to completely transform your business operations. Please send us your questions using the contact form below.