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December 22, 2023

Solicitation Number: W91CRB-23-NVDN
Action/Requirement: Night Vision Device – Next (NVD-N)
Notice Type: Industry Day / Pre-Solicitation
Responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS AND NO CONTRACT WILL BE AWARDED.
The purpose of this industry day is to gain information on cutting-edge commercial technologies leading to Government/Industry partnering to accelerate the development of state-of-the-art technologies that will enable the Warfighter to be more effective, efficient, and lethal.
The U.S. Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Grounds (ACC-APG) is seeking sources on behalf of Product Manager Soldier Maneuver Sensors to develop the next generation of night vision capability for the Close Combat Force-Direct Support (CCF-DS) Soldier. The CCF-DS consists of: Cyber, Signal/Info System, Field Artillery, UAS Repair/Operator, Intelligence, Infantry, Engineer, CBRNE, Field Surgeon, Medic, Paralegal, Human Resources, Chaplain, Transport, Ammunition, Mechanic, Allied Trade Specialist and Logistics Soldiers). At a minimum, these Soldiers require overmatch capability while filling the following roles:
• Execute Combat Support and Combat Service Support Tasks at night or in no/low light conditions.
• Operate vehicles at night with adequate speed and mobility to support increased operational tempo of a modernized Close Combat Force (CCF).
• Identify and react to threats at increased ranges at night.
• Execute individual and collective tasks at night with increased speed to reduce time of support to CCF.
• Clearly and quickly transition to focus on objects at varying distances (inches to hundreds of meters) with little/no mechanical adjustment.
The purpose of this industry day is to disseminate information regarding the upcoming NVD-N solicitation for system development and risk reduction, discuss overall planned scheduled, and discuss one-on-one with industry partners their approaches to a possible NVD-N solution. There will be a group briefing/discussion and individual breakouts on a 45-minute slot schedule. Specifically, PM Soldier Maneuver Sensors anticipates the NVD-N program to enhance existing capability (PVS-14) to significantly improve the mobility, lethality, and survivability for the CCF-DS Soldier. To help inform respondents, the following are the key areas of consideration for NVD-N, however this is intended only as a guide and thresholds/objectives are subject to change to accommodate desired functionality:
1. The imaging performance of NVD-N must be an improved capability compared to the current fielded (PVS-14).
Specifically, NVD-N will:
a) Provide increased performance over the current system by employing a binocular approach.
b) Utilize White Phosphor Image Intensification technology (analog light amplification) or digital equivalent.
c) Will be capable of allowing an equipped Soldier to recognize an upright moving man-size target in clear starlight out to 200 m (T) 300m (O).
d) Maintain or increase system field of view (FoV) of 40 degrees while maintaining or increasing existing detection distance standards.
e) Should provide greater system resolution when compared to the user’s current system within the systems recognition range with minimal optical distortion across the field of view, < 3% distortion(T), 0% (O).
2. Affordability will be a major consideration for NVD-N. To adapt to budgetary requirements, the Government is specifically seeking white papers that can be re-scoped to provide a breakout of cost-saving designs that can meet stated requirements while maximizing affordability.
3. NVD-N should be ergonomic and capable of being comfortably worn for many hours of mission time. As such, the total head borne weight for baseline capability (including any batteries or mounting hardware, excluding the helmet) shall not exceed 2.0 lbs. Dimensional size of the NVD-N (excluding any eye cups, battery packs or cables) should be <1,250 cubic cm (T) <1,000 cubic cm (O) to provide the user a system that takes up less room when packed, presents less of a snag hazard when in use, and offers a more ergonomic center of gravity to reduce head and neck strain when worn for extended periods of time.
4. NVD-N should operate for at least 12 hours on a single lithium-ion AA battery.
5. The NVD-N must support an increased operational tempo for equipped Soldiers. CCF-DS Soldiers must operate vehicles at night with adequate speed and mobility to support increase operational tempo of a modern CCF.
6. The NVD-N will be compatible with current Near Infrared (NIR) aiming lights out to 150 meters to allow the user the capability to engage threats at extended range at night without having to move or remove the NVD-N from in front of their eyes. NIR aiming lights are not required to be part of procured system, only compatible.
Interested parties with the capabilities to satisfy the above are encouraged to submit a request participate NLT 22 Nov 2023. Respondents are encouraged, but not required, to bring working models for the individual breakout discussions. Request should include:
1) Point of contact information to include: company name, contact name, company address, cage code, website (if available), contact phone number, and contact email address.
2) List of Attendees and titles
The location is Ft. Belvoir, Virgina. USG will provide further details, a general agenda and an assigned individual timeslot for the breakout after the requests have been received. The date for this industry day is 7 December 2023.
No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with attending or providing information in response to this industry day or any follow up information requests. Nothing shall be construed herein or through this industry day to commit or obligate the Government to further action. If applicable, tt is desirable that data be provided with unlimited rights to the Government. However, the government recognizes that proprietary data may be included with the information provided. If so, clearly mark such proprietary information and clearly separate it from the unrestricted information as an addendum.
Note: It is anticipated that this requirement may become a competitive solicitation under 10 USC 4022 Authority of the Department of Defense to carry out certain prototype projects in the 2nd quarter of Fiscal Year 2024. Interested companies should monitor System for Award Management (SAM) for updated information.
Request should be provided via email to Mr. Michael James, Agreements Specialist, ACC-APG, email: [email protected], and Mr. Jerry Simmons, Agreements Officer, ACC-APG, email: [email protected].


December 22, 2023
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